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Getting your payments has never been easier!

Payment Method via Entity and Reference with the possibility of setting a deadline for payment.Know more
MB Way

MB Way requests are sent directly to your application where a simple accept or reject payment is required within a short time.Know more
Debitos Diretos

Issuance of direct debit requests in a simple and effective way.Know more

National network with about 7000 points, of which 5000 are Payshop agents that allow cash payments.Know more

Receive Visa Credit Card payments with a more secure technology (3D-Secure).Know more

Receive payments via Mastercard Credit Card with a safer technology (3D-Secure).Know more

Payment by prepaid card that can be purchased on a large international network, using this card reference to make the payment.Know more

Cash payment on a large international network through a reference associated with this means of payment.Know more

If Poland is an important market for your business, activate this payment method now.Know more

If you received by ATM, MB WAY or Credit Card we can refund it for you. In your client area or through API, reimbursement is no longer an added burden in your day-to-day.Know more
Cofidis Pay

Cofidis Pay is the new payment solution for e-commerce. Provide interest-free installment payments on your site for up to 12 months.Know more
What is? Recipients Partners FAQ Integration Simulator Benefits Backoffice

Who pays?

euPago is a Portuguese payment institution, accredited and supervised by the Central Bank of Portugal and specialised in providing online solutions of payments, thus being the ideal solution for any e-commerce business, from companies to private sales.

  • I get a lot,
    I pay little

    Our payment service is more than simple: it's also cheap.


  • A safe and permanent
    means of payment

    Security is a top priority. euPago operates 24 hours / day with its own infrastructure and technology.


  • Diversity
    and transparency

    Issue Multibanco and Payshop references or allow payments by MB WAY to meet your customers demands - and not otherwise.

    How it works

  • They pay and I get the money.
    Every day!

    The money you receive is directly transferred to your bank account every day.


It adapts to your business

euPago can be an asset for all kinds of business, from large recurring sales volumes and payments to non-Internet businesses. It's for everyone!

Our partners

Do you need help?

How can I become a customer?

Sign up and activate your account. You will be later contacted by your account manager in order to collect all the necessary documentation. Here are the detailed steps to become a euPago customer:

  1. Choose the pricing plan and sign up to receive your pre-filled contract.
  2. The contract must be printed, filled in, scanned and sent to our services.
  3. The original must be sent by post.
    • Permanent Certificate of Registry of the company
    • Company fiscal card
    • Proof of the IBAN of the company
    • Identity card and fiscal card or Citizen Card of the manager(s)
    • Proof of address of the manager(s)

What are the existing rates and pricing plans?

Each case is different, and that's the reason why we have several pricing plans. That's the best way to provide a fair price for everyone! Use our

You can choose to pay a fixed fee (€ 0.70) for each reference regardless of the transaction amount. This pricing plan is called "Terra"

Alternatively, you can choose to pay a fixed commission (0.25 €) plus a percentage rate of the transaction amount (1.8%) with a maximum ceiling of € 1.85.

But these are just words. To know which plan is the best for you, you should use the simulator that you can find here, fill in the appropriate fields and let Dekas do the work for you!

View or download the "PDF" version of the detailed prices according to the Notice No 8/2009 and Instruction No. 21/2009 of the Bank of Portugal.

How and when will I receive my money?

You will receive your money by bank transfer every day.

euPago will make the payment until the 1st working day after receiving the payment, except in case of force majeure issues. In these cases, we will make the transfer until the second working day following the day we receive the payment.

Easy and universal integration

  • Wordpress

  • Joomla

  • Open Cart

  • Prestashop

  • Magento

  • Shopify

  • PHC

  • Any platform

Want to do a simulation?

euPago can be an asset for all kinds of business, from large volumes of sales and sporadic payments to private business. It's for everyone!


Most advantageous

Will receive
this plan

Most advantageous

Will receive
this plan

More advantages?

  • Real time

    Unlike a bank transfer, you know if your customer has paid instantly and you can speed up your merchandise shipping process.

  • Issued by SMS

    You don't have any computer around? No problem. The generation of references via SMS is a service provided by euPago.

  • Online and offline

    Issue references for your customers regardless of the state of your Internet connection.

  • Trust and credibility

    Transmit more confidence to your customer by providing a secure means of payment mediated by approved organisations.

Easy management

Multiple users

Because you can create multiple users for one account, you can give (restricted or full) access to a number of employees, and thus optimise your business!

Multiple channels, multiple audiences

The euPago backoffice allows you to create different channels for different services or origins so that you can have a more targeted management analysis.

Information is power

You have access to all the information, from the historical usage data and reports to the real-time statistical analysis created with the data of your business. Stay in control.

Usable and multiplatform

The interface has been designed in the best way to guarantee the ease of interaction and increase your productivity. Always available on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Oh, and this is Dekas!

He will come around and help you to better understand euPago and all its fantastic features.